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Spinal Injuries Compensation

A severe spinal injury can have profound and life-long effects on an individual and those close to them. Doing things, once taken for granted, can take a huge amount of effort and help may be needed with everyday tasks.

Our experienced team of specialist lawyers understands the practical and emotional impact of spinal injuries and, if someone else is to blame for causing your injury, can help you claim compensation.

Our initial goal is to secure your rehabilitation to help restore your quality of life, whilst at the same time pursuing whoever is responsible for the compensation that you deserve for your spinal injuries.

Spinal injury compensation will not make everything right, but it will make life easier and it can:

  • Compensate you for loss of wages
  • Pay for the cost of specialist nursing care and occupational therapy
  • Pay for mobility equipment
  • Pay for adaptations to your home to maximise your independence
  • Cover the cost of buying more suitable accommodation (where appropriate)
  • Pay for any out of pocket expenses you have incurred such as travel costs related to hospital appointments
  • Compensate you for your pain and suffering
  • Reimburse the value of the care you have received from your family and any resulting loss of earnings they have incurred

We always try our best to accommodate your needs and are happy to meet with you at your home or in hospital. We offer a free initial consultation during which we will explain the options open to you so that you can make an informed decision on your next steps.

Provided your claim meets our criteria, we can act on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We have successfully taken over spinal injury claims from other solicitors who have failed to give the spinal injury victim the service they deserve.

For more information about living with spinal injuries we recommend you contact the Spinal Injuries Association whose website is

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