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Articles on 07/12/11

What rights do grandparents have for financial assistance when caring for grandchildren?

Financial assistance is a common problem faced by many families, including those where children are living with their grandparents, which is an increasing trend in the UK. Dependent upon how that child has come to live with their grandparents can make a big difference as to what financial support the grandparents may have available to them. Read more

Articles on 16/11/11

The problem of Chronic Pain

If you have suffered a “soft tissue injury” most experienced doctors will tell you that all tissues in the human body usually complete their healing processes after up to 6 months. If the pain persists beyond that time and carries on indefinitely despite treatment, then you might be classified as suffering from Chronic Pain. Read more

Articles on 08/11/11

Brain injury and increased risk of Post Traumatic Epilepsy

Post Traumatic Epilepsy (PTE) is a recognised problem following a brain injury and can develop years after the original injury occurred. Read more

Articles on 17/08/11

Head injuries and balance disorders

There is every possibility a head injury might affect a person’s balance function, but all too often this is overlooked by both doctors and lawyers. This was recently highlighted in a talk given by Consultant Neuro-otologist Dr S S Surenthiran at our recent brain injury seminar. Dr Surenthiran runs the Balance Centre in the Neurosciences Unit at Medway Maritime Hospital. Read more

Articles on 10/08/11

Trauma in the work place – psychiatric injury claims

Often a worker will be involved in some traumatic event in the work place, even though they are physically unscathed. Sometimes the effects of involvement in trauma can be long lasting and deep. It is well established that compensation is payable to victims in many cases. However, there are some additional considerations which apply to psychiatric injury and traumatic stress claims, compared with claims for ordinary physical injuries Read more

Articles on 27/07/11

Breaking a Lease

In the current market, many small businesses are suffering - a lack of available credit on commercial terms, increasing regulation, foreign exchange pressures and a depressed market. This is prompting businesses to look at their property occupation needs and, where necessary, get rid of surplus property space. Read more

Articles on 24/11/10

What future for “no win - no fee”?

Many people may have missed last week’s news of the Government’s green paper, with proposals for reform of civil litigation costs. The good news for personal injury victims is that “no win - no fee” funding of personal injury claims is here to stay. The bad news for most successful claimants is that they will lose a large slice of their compensation to pay for it. Read more

Latest Publication

GP Practices - How we can help

Proud to be ranked nationally by Chambers UK, our Healthcare team have over 30 years experience advising GP practices, healthcare organisations, NHS trusts, GP Federations and care homes, continually supporting our clients to achieve that goal. As a leading provider of legal and HR advice to the sector, our Primary Care team provides pragmatic, timely and commercial advice. Read more