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GDPR - Data subjects’ rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) provides some new rights for individuals and strengthens some of the rights that currently exist under the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”). If your organisation processes personal data, what steps has it taken to familiarise itself with the GDPR and the enhanced rights of individuals? Read more


GDPR - Transferring data overseas

As with the Data Protection Act 1998, the GDPR imposes restrictions on the transfer of personal data to a third country or international organisation outside of the EU. It can only be transferred if one of the conditions for transfer set out in the GDPR is satisfied. If your organisation processes personal data and transfers it overseas, has it taken steps to ensure such transfers comply with the GDPR? Read more


GDPR - The myth about consent

It is a common misconception that consent is the only basis on which to justify the processing of personal data. In fact, there are six bases an organisation can rely on to justify processing; consent is only one of them. Read more


Coroner’s Court Reform: Medical Examiners (MEs) system from April 2019

The long awaited ME reforms envisaged in the 2009 Crown and Justice Act will now commence in April 2019. The government has carried out its consultation and has decided to introduce a system of effective medical scrutiny that will apply to all deaths that do not require a Coroner’s investigation. Read more


Group Action Pending – “Sling the mesh”

A City Law Firm is co-ordinating the first large group action on behalf of over 200 women who claim they have suffered life changing complications as a result of faulty surgical mesh implants. Read more


When do you need to go to Court to justify withdrawing treatment?

The case of M (Withdrawal of Treatment) 2017 is a landmark case. It was generally accepted until recently that decisions about withdrawing clinically assisted nutrition and hydration (CANH) from patients in PVS or MCS should always as a matter of good practice be brought before the Court of Protection, but the judge has opened the door to a radical change in approach which many families and doctors will welcome. Read more