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Posted on 26th October 2017

Maidstone’s local plan has been approved

Maidstone’s local plan was adopted last night (25 October) which sets out sites for 17,660 new homes to be built in the borough between 2011 and 2031.

The plan comes despite an intervention by MP’s Helen Grant and Helen Whatley who wrote to the Communities minster asking for a holding direction to stop proceedings. They had concerns about the damage and impact the plan would have on villages such as Headcorn as well as damage to Leeds Castle and the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The plan provides a framework for development until 2031 and plan policies will be used to make planning application decisions. Those in favour believe this will create new jobs, new infrastructure and affordable housing.

Those against the plan believe it will have an adverse effect on the countryside and increase the burden on already struggling public services.

“Whether you are for or against the local plan, the fact that it’s been adopted will now give some structure to key local issues being addressed including how development will be distributed throughout the borough, regeneration of town centres and meeting housing needs. It remains to be seen how the local plan will ensure that development supports the local economy yet safeguarding the assets of the borough”

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