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The Bach Commission - a family perspective

…The Labour-backed report of former justice minister Lord Bach, hit the headlines recently as it made wide ranging recommendations on the justice system, including a new ‘Right to Justice Act’. The two year review heavily criticised the coalition government’s controversial Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act 2012… Read more


Marry me, my farm and my pre-nup?

…With the height of wedding season nearly upon us, family solicitors find themselves increasingly busy advising and negotiating their client’s pre-nuptial agreement in advance of the big day. Read more


Increase the amount that can pass to your family free of inheritance tax

…A recent report revealed that the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) paid by British families has risen by more than 90% since 2010. Christopher Eriksson-Lee, Partner in Private Client explores the tax savings possible with careful planning. Read more


Protecting your child’s inheritance

…It is essential that financial provision for your children on your death is structured in a way that will help them manage the assets more sensibly. Read more


No Fault Divorce, should the law be reformed?

…A discussion of the proposals to implement the ‘No Fault Divorce’ process allowing separating couples to part without acrimony. Read more


Resolution speaks out about the law on cohabitation

…Resolution, a body of over 6,500 family lawyers, is calling for a change in the way cohabiting couples are treated in law. Read more


Charitable Giving Pays: The benefit of leaving money to charity under the terms of your will

…Many people choose to make gifts to charity during their lifetime yet many are unaware of the inheritance tax saving of leaving a legacy to charity in your will. Read more


Why are prenuptial agreements binding on the continent and not here?

…In the case of Radmacher v Granatino the court here nearly held the parties to a prenuptial agreement. In Germany where the agreement was made the couple would have been bound by the agreement and no further investigation would have been undertaken. The court here said that for the court… Read more


What is Family Mediation?

…When a couple separate, whether or not they are married, there will be issues they have to resolve. Sadly for many couples the emotional fallout from the breakdown of their relationship means it is too difficult for them to have these discussions without some third party intervention. Mediation may be… Read more


Family breakdown. Why Collaborate?

…The breakdown of a relationship, for whatever reason and whether the parties were married or cohabiting, is never easy and where there is property and other assets to consider it is always important that the parties receive sensible and sound legal advice. Read more


Living together – the reality behind the myth

…The law relating to couples who live together is often not what it’s thought to be, many people wrongly believe they have the same rights as married couples. The idea of a common-law husband or wife is an urban myth. Read more


Changing your name following divorce

…Mark Leeson, a partner in our Family team, recently took part in the Julia George show on BBC Radio Kent answering questions about the legal issues of changing a name following divorce. Here is a summary of his advice. Read more


The growing use of arbitration in family law

…When it comes to dealing with the financial matters arising from the breakdown of a relationship, there are a number of options available to parties. The majority of people are aware that they can make an application the Court and, increasingly, people are becoming aware of mediation and the advantages… Read more


Cohabitation – the fastest growing family type in the UK

…Recently the Office for National Statistics published their statistical bulletin for Families and Households, 2015. It will not come as a surprise to anyone that in the multi-cultural and diverse society we live in today there are a plethora of different family types and household arrangements. Read more


Restrictions on disinheriting children

…Mark Leeson features on Sky News commenting on landmark contentious trust and probate case, after an 11 year court battle with the Court of Appeal ruling that a disinherited daughter should be awarded a one third share of her mother’s estate despite the mother’s express wishes to the contrary. Read more


What rights do grandparents have for financial assistance when caring for grandchildren?

…Financial assistance is a common problem faced by many families, including those where children are living with their grandparents, which is an increasing trend in the UK. Dependent upon how that child has come to live with their grandparents can make a big difference as to what financial support the… Read more