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Medical treatments for asbestos-related cancer

…Action Mesothelioma Day for Kent & Medway at Chatham dockyards gave valuable insight into medical treatment available to victims of this asbestos-related cancer. Read more


Asbestos in our schools

A serious threat needing serious action. Read more


Mesothelioma untraced compensation scheme review

…The mesothelioma payment scheme- the second annual review of this asbestos compensation scheme for mesothelioma victims whose employers and their insurers cannot be found. Read more


Deaths in Medway from the asbestos disease mesothelioma

…The latest official statistics for deaths from the fatal asbestos-related disease mesothelioma show that the Medway Towns are still in the top ten nationally. Read more


Negligence and Damages Bill -  a change to fatal accidents bereavement compensation?

…A summary of fatal accident claims, the damages which can be sought, who can claim and the negligence and damages bill which seeks reform of bereavement damages in England and Wales Read more


Asbestos disease claims - finally we can sue insurers direct

…The Third Party Rights Against Insurers Act 2010 is finally in force from 1 August, allowing asbestos disease sufferers and others to make a claim directly against the insurers for an employer who has gone out of business. Read more


Asbestos compensation and lung cancer; what reduction for smoking?

…Where asbestos victims develop lung cancer due to a combination of smoking and asbestos, even if smoking played a bigger part the victim should still keep most of their compensation. In the lung cancer compensation claim of Blackmore v Department for Communities & Local Government (2014) Judge Cotter QC refused… Read more


Mesothelioma/asbestos compensation- Supreme Court increases compensation for victims’ dependents

…Dependents of victims of mesothelioma and other fatal accidents/diseases should see their compensation increased. This follows the Supreme Court’s decision in Knauer v Ministry of Justice (24/2/2016) to award £53,000 additional compensation to the widower of a mesothelioma victim. Read more


A history lesson - Industrial disease claims in the construction industry

…Health and safety standards within the construction industry have improved dramatically over the past 20 years or more. Yet the sector is still living with the legacy of unsafe working practices of the 1950s 60s and 70s resulting in a significant number of industrial disease claims, especially for asbestos-related disease… Read more


Changes to Part 36 offers

…Changes to Part 36 offers were made under the Civil Procedure (Amendment No 8) Rules 2015, applying to all Part 36 offers made on or after 6 April 2015. A Part 36 offer is an offer made by a claimant or defendant to encourage settlement of the claim before trial. Read more


Asbestos and the Medway Towns

…The Medway Towns remain in the top four areas nationally for asbestos-related deaths, especially mesothelioma. Read more


Action Mesothelioma Day July 2015 & Brachers’ Asbestos Clinic

…Mesothelioma is a fatal cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibres, affecting the membranes lining the chest wall. There is no cure and currently in the UK about 2,500 people a year die from mesothelioma. Read more


Asbestos Mesothelioma compensation claims in Kent & Medway

…In a recent asbestos mesothelioma claim we were unusually faced with three complex claims in one. Despite this our asbestos disease team successfully obtained compensation from all three opponents on a no win no fee basis. Read more


Mesothelioma and Asbestos claims for workers at Chatham Dockyards

…For most of the 20th century asbestos was in regular use in Chatham dockyards, as well as being widely used in other industries across the country. Asbestos was known for being resistant to heat and for its good insulating properties and could regularly be found in pipework, tanks, engines and… Read more


Personal Injury update - Spring 2014

A summary of Personal Injury news. Read more


Mesothelioma dependency claim: a wife’s tale - just compensation for a double asbestos tragedy

…In the mesothelioma claim of Monica Haxton v Philips Electronics (2014) the Court of Appeal had to grapple with a novel problem resulting from a double mesothelioma/asbestos tragedy. Read more


“It’s ‘no win-no fee’ Jim, but not as we know it”- Keep 100% of your compensation? Not necessarily

…Come next April, firms like Brachers will still be promising personal injury victims a genuine “no win, no fee” service, but the promise that normally follows that strap line - “and you will keep 100% of your compensation” will no longer hold good for all clients. Read more


“It’s no win no fee Jim, but not as we know it.” - Meet Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (QOCS)

…Come next April solicitors like Brachers will still be taking personal injury claims on a “no win no fee”. But those “no win no fee” agreements will be living in a rather different world. Read more