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What is ‘Testamentary Freedom’?

…How the concept of testamentary freedom has evolved since 1870 and what can be done to maximise the prospect of enjoying this particular freedom today. Read more


The freedom to disinherit

…Choosing to disinherit a family member is something that needs to be clearly thought out and ensuring this is detailed correctly in your will, could prove vital in successfully defending any claim against your estate. Read more


Increase the amount that can pass to your family free of inheritance tax

…A recent report revealed that the amount of Inheritance Tax (IHT) paid by British families has risen by more than 90% since 2010. Christopher Eriksson-Lee, Partner in Private Client explores the tax savings possible with careful planning. Read more


Protecting your child’s inheritance

…It is essential that financial provision for your children on your death is structured in a way that will help them manage the assets more sensibly. Read more


Charitable Giving Pays: The benefit of leaving money to charity under the terms of your will

…Many people choose to make gifts to charity during their lifetime yet many are unaware of the inheritance tax saving of leaving a legacy to charity in your will. Read more


Trusts – Not just for the wealthy

…A recent report has shown that half of the £4.7 billion Inheritance Tax (IHT) paid in the UK during 2015/16 was paid by families living in the South East and London. Many people are unaware that trusts can be an effective vehicle for reducing the amount of IHT payable and… Read more


The Promised Land

…Has someone promised to leave you some land in their will? To what extent have you put yourself out – suffered a detriment – in reliance on that promise? How would you be affected if the promise was not fulfilled? Read more