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What can employers do to better support employees with mental health at work?

…On 26 October 2017, an independent review, “Thriving at Work”, was published by Stevenson and Farmer Read more


Keeping on top of staff sickness absences

…As the winter season approaches, the level of staff absences often increases with colds and flu as generally the most commonly cited illness at work. Read more


GDPR and Data Protection Bill - 9 months to go

GDPR: What is going to happen in the UK? Read more


Employee Wellbeing rising up the UK Agenda

…Data has recently been collected on employee wellbeing programmes from 78 companies certified as Top Employers UK plus 1100 globally. Read more


Supreme Court rules employment tribunal fees as unlawful

…The Supreme Court has allowed the appeal by Unison against the legality of the current system of employment tribunal fees and has ruled that the employment tribunal fees regime is unlawful. Read more


Government responds to consultation on reforming the Employment Tribunal system

…The government has published its response to the consultation on reforming the Employment Tribunal system this week. Read more


Time off work to attend religious festivals – Discrimination or not?

…The case in point is Gareddu v London Underground Ltd. Read more


British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Economic Survey for Q4 2016 shows sustained uptick

…The BCC has published its Quarterly Economic Survey. Read more


What is on the horizon for employment law in 2017 and how can employers prepare?

…2016 saw a lot of press coverage on the Uber decision which held that two of Uber’s drivers were ‘workers’, meaning that they had certain entitlements including the right to paid holiday and the right to receive the national minimum wage. Read more


Deposit orders and the obligation to pay them

…The case in point is H v Ishmail and Al-Megraby UKEAT/0021/16 in which the EAT held that a deposit order had been wrongly imposed in circumstances where the claimant would find it difficult to comply with its terms and thus limited their access to justice. Read more


The ever present Gender pay gap – women ‘working for free from now until 2017’

…Despite the efforts of the Equal Pay Act 1970, repealed and replaced by the Equality Act 2010, women will work for free until the New Year because of the ever present gender pay gap. Read more


Faith School’s segregation – direct discrimination?

…The case in point is The Interim Executive Board of X School v HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills [2016] EWHC 2813. Read more


Implications of BREXIT on employment law: Are we any further on?

…On 12 October 2016, the House of Commons published a paper on what they believe the implications of Brexit may be for employment law. Read more


Uber drivers are found to be ‘workers’ in landmark ruling

…The Employment Tribunal has this afternoon ruled that two Uber drivers are in fact ‘workers’ within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and not self-employed contractors. Read more


Argos sickness bonus - positive reinforcement or disability discrimination risk?

…Argos has offered its agency workers an 80p an hour bonus in the run-up to Christmas if they don’t call in sick. Read more


Lee v Ashers Baking Co Ltd and others Appeal Decision: ‘Gay cake’ appeal decision outcome

…Two years ago Ashers Baking Company, based in County Antrim, refused to make a cake saying: ‘Support Gay Marriage’ from an order placed by gay rights activist Gareth Lee. Read more


Specific treatment must be justified in discrimination arising from disability says the EAT

…Mr Buchanan was a police officer on long term sick leave Read more


Draft legislation on termination payments

…The government has issued draft legislation expected to take effect in April 2018. Read more


ECJ holds that workers off sick and unable to take annual leave may carry it forward

…In Sobczyszyn v Szkola Podstawowa w Rzeplinie, Ms Sobczyszyn was a teacher in Poland and was entitled to 35 days' annual leave each year under Art 64 of the Teachers’ Charter which sets out the rights and obligations of teachers in Poland. Read more


Dismissal can be automatically unfair even if protected disclosure not known about by decision maker

…In Royal Mail Group Limited v Jhuti, Ms Jhuti believed that a colleague had breached their employer’s rules and also the requirements of their legislator. Read more


ACAS Code of Practice does not apply to dismissals on the grounds of ill health says the EAT

…In Holmes v Qinetiq Ltd, the Claimant was employed as a security guard and was dismissed on the basis that he was no longer capable of doing his role due to his ill health. Read more


7000 Equal Pay Claims against Asda not to be stayed

…The Claimants, who are overwhelmingly women in retail stores, alleged that the work they do is of equal value to their comparators, mainly men who work at distribution depots, and yet they are being paid substantially less. Read more


Advocate General argues dress code banning Muslim headscarves may not be direct discrimination

…After a woman was dismissed by her employer for refusing to remove her Muslim headscarf, the Advocate General has argued that this did not amount to direct discrimination. Read more


Dismissing employee on the grounds of her refusal to leave her husband

…Dismissing employee on the grounds of her refusal to leave her husband after he was convicted of sex offences held to be indirect religious discrimination Read more


What does the Queen’s Speech mean for Employment Law?

Moving to a higher wage and rewarding workers Read more


Voluntary overtime to be included in holiday pay

…It has been reported that an Employment Tribunal (in the case of White -v- Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council) has ruled that voluntary overtime which is worked regularly should be included for the purposes of calculating holiday pay, as the overtime formed part of normal work. Read more


Data Protection reform package approved

What does this mean for your business? Read more


Entitlement to childcare vouchers on maternity leave challenged

…The issue of entitlement to childcare vouchers during maternity leave has been uncertain for some time particularly where these are received under a salary sacrifice arrangement by which employees agree to a vary their contracts, reducing their salary to receive the vouchers. Read more


No sharing of shared parental leave

…Research indicates only 1% of fathers are using shared parental leave Read more


National Living Wage comes into effect today are you compliant?

…Is the wages increase sustainable for your business? Read more


Further decision on whistleblowing “public interest” test

…The EAT has overturned a previous Employment Tribunal decision Read more


A quiet budget for employers?

No headline grabbers but some subtle changes Read more


Tribunals’ Annual Report – What significant changes has the last year brought to Employment law?

…Tribunals’ Annual Report – What significant changes has the last year brought to Employment law? Read more


Discontinuing childcare vouchers during maternity leave was not discriminatory

…Discontinuing childcare vouchers during maternity leave was not discriminatory Read more


Supreme Court Judges broaden the law on vicarious liability

…Supreme Court Judges broaden the law on vicarious liability Read more


Employment Appeal Tribunal rules that holiday pay includes commission

…Employment Appeal Tribunal rules that holiday pay includes commission – courts and tribunals are required to insert words into UK legislation to make it conform to European legislation Read more


Pension auto-enrolment triggers and qualifying earnings bands announced

…Pension auto-enrolment triggers and qualifying earnings bands announced Read more


Lifting heavy weights as part of warehouse work can be “normal day to day activities”

…Lifting heavy weights as part of warehouse work can be “normal day to day activities” when looking at whether an individual is disabled under the Equality Act. Read more


Government publishes draft legislation introducing apprenticeship levy

…The Government has published draft legislation introducing the apprenticeship levy which is expected to come into force in April 2017. Read more


The National Living Wage will apply to workers aged over 25 years from 1 April 2016

…This will be introduced by way of The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2016.  Read more


Government to get access to NHS sick note records

…From February 2016, the Department for Work and Pensions will be given access to NHS records to identify those GP practices who issue the most sick notes. Read more


New code of practice on Smart Working introduced

…BSI, the business trading standards company working with the Cabinet Office has announced a new code of practice on Smart Working. Read more


Lidl to become first UK supermarket to pay the full living wage to workers

…The German supermarket revealed today that from next month it will pay is staff a minimum of £8.20 an hour across England, Scotland and Wales and £9.35 an hour in London Read more


The European Court has decided that time spent travelling counts as time spent working

…In the case of Federacion de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones Obreras v Tyco Integrated Security SL and another (c-266/14), the European Court looked at whether time spent by workers travelling between their home and their customers' premises was working time under the Working Time Directive. Read more


The Law Society publish proposals on Employment Tribunals and improving processes

…The Law Society has published a discussion document on improving the Tribunal system, we set out the main proposals. Read more


Fair dismissal for derogatory comments on Facebook

…The EAT in The British Waterways Board -v- Smith has held that it was fair to dismiss an employee that made derogatory comments on Facebook. Read more


Employee motivation survey - Space Magazine

…A short survey on employee motivation following on from our article in Space Magazine. Read more


Jeremy Corbyn has released his ‘Working with Women’ manifesto

…Jeremy Corbyn, now one of the front runners in the leadership race, has today vowed to tackle ‘everyday sexism’ if he becomes Labour Party leader as he unveiled his women’s manifesto. Read more


Employers impacted by Operation Stack – what can you do?

…So far it has not been a good summer of the roads with severe disruption caused in Kent by Operation Stack. The impact of local companies has been substantial with the FTA indicating that the cost of keeping a lorry stationary is £50 per hour. Read more


Sickness and Holiday Leave carry forward

…In Plumb v Duncan Print Group Ltd, the EAT has looked at two issues relating the much vexed issue of sickness absence and holiday leave. Read more


Early Conciliation stats in from ACAS

…ACAS has published Early Conciliation figures from April 2014 for over 83,000 cases. Read more