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Divorce Day - what is it?

…Divorce Day falls on Monday 8th January this year and whilst we hope that Christmas was enjoyed by all, if you feel that this Christmas has placed strain on your relationship and you are considering divorce, you should seek legal advice as early as possible to ensure you are fully… Read more


Recovery of child maintenance arrears - are the changes sufficient?

…The Government has recently published its response to the Department for Work & Pensions’ consultation on plans to increase the recovery rate of child maintenance arrears Read more


Covert recording in child proceedings

…Are you aware of the pitfalls of covert recordings in child contact proceedings? Read more


Divorce statistics 2017

…The official statistics on the number of divorces in England and Wales were released on 18 October 2017 and show that there were 106,959 divorces of opposite-sex couples in 2016, an increase of 5.8% compared with 2015. Read more


Zimina v Zimin –second chance in overseas divorce?

…Is it appropriate for a lump sum order to have been made where, following a divorce in Russia, a substantial financial settlement has already been agreed? Read more


Divorce petition changes

…As of the 4 September the courts will no longer accept the previous old style divorce petitions following the government’s introduction of a new style petition on the 7 August. Read more


Birch v. Birch

…The recent Supreme Court decision in Birch v. Birch confirms that there is jurisdiction to hear an application to vary an undertaking or “promise” in financial divorce proceedings following a wife’s application to be released from an undertaking to sell a former marital home. Read more


Court of Appeal reduces husband’s divorce pay out in short marriage

…The Court of Appeal has recently ruled that a husband was not entitled to an equal division of the matrimonial assets upon the breakdown of their two year childless marriage. Read more


The importance of a will

…If you have been diagnosed with dementia, it's important to ensure you have a will and that is up to date. Read more


Plan early for the future

…This week is Dementia Awareness Week, a national campaign supported by the Alzheimer's Society. Read more


UK’s biggest ever divorce settlement

…The recent decision on UK’s biggest divorce case, ordering a city banker to pay over £453 million to his estranged wife, has resulted in hushed mumblings amongst family lawyers and wealthy clients alike. Read more


Footballer detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act

…Mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK and more action needs to be taken to protect individuals and to help their families should a mental health issue arise. Read more


Effective child maintenance payments

…Research suggests that most child maintenance arrangements made through the Child Maintenance Service are still in place after one year. Read more


What brexit means for divorce

…How could brexit have an affect on separation and divorce in England and Wales? Read more


Defended Divorce is it ‘Just?’

…The interesting case of Mr and Mrs Owens has highlighted the plight of one woman who has been trying to divorce her husband for the past year. Read more


Collaborative Law

…Margaret discusses Resolution and the benefits to resolving matters in a conciliatory way. Read more


How new developments in the scientific world could affect your will

…The scientific world is constantly developing and new technologies, once previously deemed as science fiction, are fast becoming part of modern reality. It is therefore understandable that the law is often playing catch-up in trying to regulate the difficult ethical considerations that accompany many scientific developments. Read more


Saying “I Do” to a prenuptial agreement

…Prenuptial agreements may not be the most romantic part of planning your big day however they are becoming more popular and gaining momentum in the Family Courts. Read more


Arbitration extended to include disputes about children

…On 18 July 2016 the Institute of Family Law Arbitrators (IFLA) launched the Family Law Arbitration Children Scheme. Read more


Cohabitation - case report

…The ex partner of a Kent property developer has won her case to retain the proceeds of an investment property. Read more


Ex-model’s divorce settlement based on actual needs

…An interesting recent case is that of Christina Estrada (aged 54) a former Pirelli calendar model who recovered a £75 million divorce settlement from her billionaire ex-husband in circumstances where she was actually looking for the sum of £238 million which she said would meet her reasonable needs. Read more


One in five couples in ‘distressed’ relationships

…A report carried out by the charity Relate has revealed troubling statistics about the state of relationships in the UK. Read more


Divorce and Commercial Litigation – an uncertain mix

…The impending divorce of Mr Ruhan and Mrs Richardson-Ruhan not only reveals the complex nature of financial proceedings within divorce but more importantly raises the question of how matrimonial wealth is evaluated when a civil claim is ongoing against one party to the tune of £100m. Read more


Mei-Ling McNab interviewed on BBC Radio Kent

…Mei-Ling McNab, Partner in the Family team at Brachers took part in a live interview on BBC Radio Kent with Lembit Opik to discuss whether or not the grass was always greener on the other side, when wanting to get married. Read more


A new law for cohabitants gets closer

…The Cohabitation Rights Bill got one step closer to becoming law after the Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords and passed through to Committee stage. If passed, the bill would give cohabiting couples some similar, but not all, rights as those currently enjoyed by married couples… Read more


The importance of financial orders in light of Wyatt v Vince

…The Supreme Court’s decision in Wyatt v Vince on Tuesday 11 March 2015 has resulted in a flurry of excitement. The decision was that the former wife of Mr Vince, divorced some 20 years earlier, was allowed to bring a financial claim in light of the previous marriage and that… Read more


Earn your own living, judge tells ex-wife

…In a landmark decision yesterday the Court of Appeal rejected an appeal on the issue as to whether divorced stay at home wives should continue to benefit from generous and continuous maintenance payments from their former husbands where children of the family are aged over seven. Read more


Research reveals one in five couples are planning to start divorce proceedings in January 2015

…A recent survey has found that one in five couples are planning to start divorce proceedings in January 2015. Read more


When it comes to divorce, does age matter?

…The simple answer to this question is yes the procedures and processes would be the same for both a couple with young children and a retired couple. Read more


Non-payment of Child Maintenance to damage credit rating

…From March 2015, the Child Maintenance Service, formally known as Child Support Agency, will be able to share information about the payment history of their clients with credit reference agencies if parliamentary approval is obtained. Read more


Parental involvement provision comes into force

…Many people followed the development of the Children and Families Act 2014 with interest, specifically in relation to the debate as to whether there would be a presumption of shared care between parents included in the Act. Read more