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94% of London hospitals contain asbestos

…According to BBC London the number of people who could contract cancer from asbestos poisoning in London's hospitals is a ticking time bomb. Read more


Carers Week: The forgotten victims

…A brief look at the issues faced by those caring for brain injured claimants. Read more


Mohamud -v- WM Morrisons Supermarkets PLC – A Landmark decision on Vicarious Liability

…When the Court of Appeal held that Morrisons were not vicariously liable for an assault committed by one of its employees on a customer many legal commentators felt that was the right decision. After all there are generations of lawyers practising who grew up with the well-established decision in Warren… Read more


“Thrill seeker” ride risks - an operator’s duty of care to prevent personal injury

…The serious injuries suffered at Alton Towers’ reminded us that, whilst such injuries are thankfully very rare, “thrill seeker” rides are not completely risk free. Read more