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Is there a threat to agricultural and business reliefs?

…HMRC published a paper last year (2017) about Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions which affect estate planning matters, particularly related to agricultural and business assets. For many, Agricultural Property Relief and Business Relief help with succession planning to ensure assets pass down the generations with little IHT being payable. Read more


Local news: Golding Homes builds new homes on disused garage sites

…Golding Homes is transforming four of its rundown garage sites into new affordable homes Read more


Maidstone’s local plan has been approved

…Maidstone’s local plan sets out sites for 17,660 new homes to be built in the borough between 2011 and 2031. Read more


Ban on leaseholds for new builds, will this resolve high charges?

…With increasing media interest surrounding leaseholds on new properties, extortionate ground rents and other charges have led to proposals for change. Read more


Beware: Black Friday strikes again!

…Every day we pass information via email without thinking about the consequences, it's important to make sure you are staying secure online. Read more


Implications of the main residence nil-rate band on property sales currently exceeding IHT allowance

…With over a quarter of property sales this year in excess of the current inheritance tax allowance, what does the introduction of the main residence nil-rate band (MRNRB) mean? Read more