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Gifting tax efficiently this Christmas

…Christmas is a time for giving and many will give money or other assets away at this time of year but will your gifting be Inheritance Tax (IHT) efficient this Christmas? Read more


ISAs - favourable treatment in estate administration

…From April 2018, ISAs will continue to retain their tax-exempt status during the period of estate administration - maintaining the status until the estate has been finalised therefore inevitably reducing the tax payable during the administration period. Read more


Law Society backs alternative Wills

…Last week, the Law Society backed alternative Wills being considered by the Law Commission saying that the court should recognise people’s final wishes, even when the current legal requirements for making a Will are not met. Read more


Trump’s ambition to scrap Inheritance Tax in America

…Donald Trump’s ambition is to scrap Inheritance Tax (IHT) in America altogether. Read more


Time for a change?: Updating the law of wills

…We discuss the Law Commission’s consultation on updating and reforming the law of wills. Read more


Dementia – not only affecting the elderly

…A 32 year old woman is battling a rare form a dementia and is one of the youngest people in the country to have contracted the disease. Read more


Law Commission recommends reducing age to write a will to 16

…The Law Commission has recently recommended that the legal age to write a will should be reduced to 16. Read more


Law Commission published consultation on Will reform

…Will law needs ‘overhaul’ to reflect modern world says The Law Commission Read more


Care fee planning

…With the use of effective will planning, you can help protect your family and your estate from care fees, should you need to pay for care in the future. Read more


The importance of a will

…If you have been diagnosed with dementia, it's important to ensure you have a will and that is up to date. Read more


Plan early for the future

…This week is Dementia Awareness Week, a national campaign supported by the Alzheimer's Society. Read more


Footballer detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act

…Mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK and more action needs to be taken to protect individuals and to help their families should a mental health issue arise. Read more


Unclaimed assets total £1billion

…With a reported total of unclaimed assets amounting to £1billion, make sure your assets are accounted for. Read more


How new developments in the scientific world could affect your will

…The scientific world is constantly developing and new technologies, once previously deemed as science fiction, are fast becoming part of modern reality. It is therefore understandable that the law is often playing catch-up in trying to regulate the difficult ethical considerations that accompany many scientific developments. Read more


The importance of taking advice on your will structure

…Paul Daniels’ son appears to be gearing up to bring a claim against his late father’s estate on the basis that his stepmother, Debbie McGee has not supported him financially since his father’s death in March, according to reports in The Telegraph this week. Read more


MenCap planning for the Future Seminar

…Paul Rothwell and Amy Lane, solicitors in our Private Client team went to Hastings and Dover last week to present to carers and families of someone with a learning disability on behalf of MenCap. Read more


Implications of the main residence nil-rate band on property sales currently exceeding IHT allowance

…With over a quarter of property sales this year in excess of the current inheritance tax allowance, what does the introduction of the main residence nil-rate band (MRNRB) mean? Read more