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Health And Safety

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The importance of a social media policy

Posted in News by Louise Brenlund on 18th February 2014

This article was first featured in Real Business magazine, February 2014

The rapid expansion of social media use is phenomenal. Twitter has recently been reported to have approximately 230 million users worldwide while LinkedIn boasts more than 100 million registered users. It is estimated that lost time spent on social networking sites costs UK businesses approximately £1.38 billion every year.

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Work accident compensation claim- the untidy bus depot

Posted in News by Jeremy Horton on 12th July 2013

A recent work accident compensation claim from Maidstone, Kent is a good illustration of why the removal of the right to work accident compensation for breach of regulations will generally not prevent work accident compensation claims succeeding. This is also another work accident compensation claim which illustrates why health and safety at work matters. Sadly, in this work accident compensation claim an initially minor injury turned into a major disabling injury.

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Your health & safety liability for contractors

Posted in News on 22nd May 2013

These days businesses typically use contractors more than ever before. As well as using specialist contractors such as electricians, builders, cleaners, maintenance, security or catering, sometimes “contractors” work in core areas of the business, shoulder to shoulder with regular staff.

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A living, breathing, health & safety policy – the key to health & safety management

Posted in News on 22nd January 2013

The starting point for health & safety compliance is a “living” health & safety policy. The HSE said recently what we want to see is a scruffy piece of paper with coffee stains and finger prints all over it that’s being used on the ground. A pile of neat paperwork in an office drawer won’t save anyone. We look at the benefits of a revitalised H&S policy below.

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Shooting oneself in the foot?

Posted in News on 18th June 2012

The recent case of Whitehead v the Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement has emphasised the importance for rural employers of a having a robust health and safety policy.

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Even Santa can’t ignore “elf and safety” – compensation for tripping in Santa’s grotto

Posted in News by Jeremy Horton on 19th December 2011

For one grandmother what should have been an exciting family visit to Santa’s grotto with her grandchildren turned into a nightmare. 73 year old Mrs Dufosse from Southampton had gone with five other family members, including her grandchildren, to visit Santa’s grotto at Selfridge’s in Oxford Street London.

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New guidance on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Posted in News on 7th September 2011

Guidance on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has been published by the Chief Fire Officers’ Association.

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Common Sense, Common Safety, Progress Update

Posted in News by Mark Gore on 28th March 2011

After 6 months since Lord Young of Graffham presented his review of the operation of health and safety law, the Department of Work and Pensions has published a progress report regarding the implementation of the proposals.

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