Our Story: 125 Years With You

Our Story: 125 Years With You

Brachers is proud to have served the people of Kent for 125 years. But our responsibilities don’t stop there - as the firm continues to grow and adapt to the changing landscape, we are committed to ensuring we are around for 125 years to come.

From the very start we have put clients at the heart of our business, which has always sat alongside our promise to the local community and ability to offer excellence. In the beginning, the highest standard of work quickly become the expectation of all who instructed us.

Today, we remain a law firm renowned for building lasting relationships with clients and delivering high quality advice. The firm is run by an executive board which makes all major decisions with these objectives in mind. The firm has changed a lot over the years but its core values and culture are still recognisable. 

As a firm we are proud of our continuing role in the region’s most significant developments and our commitment to the key sectors represented in the region.

125 Years With You

Brachers’ was founded in 1895 by Henry James Bracher who moved to Maidstone when he was appointed Clerk to the Guardian of the Hollingbourne Union, a workhouse based in the area. In 1912 he was joined by his son, Guy, who was later killed in The Great War, and Frank Miskin.

Brachers took its name from these first three partners, Bracher, Son & Miskin and for the first 75 years the partners were drawn solely from the Bracher, Miskin and Brown families.

By 1970 it became necessary to recruit other partners to support clients and in 1988 the name was changed to Brachers.

George Bracher retired in 1998 and Chris Brown in 2003, who were the last of the family members.

While the world has changed to be almost unrecognisable to what Henry Bracher would have known in 1895, what hasn’t changed for the business is our focus on our clients and the quality of advice.

Today as we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we continue our commitment to our clients and the local community by consistently seeking the best possible outcome for businesses and individuals.