Defendant Industrial Disease

Defendant Industrial Disease

We are industrial disease specialist solicitors, experienced in acting for businesses meeting uninsured hearing loss, asbestos, disease and accident claims.

Historic asbestos disease and hearing loss claims can involve events occurring several decades ago. It may be very difficult to trace the business’s liability insurers and even harder to find relevant documents or witnesses.

Despite those difficulties, asbestos and hearing loss claims are often defendable with the help of experienced solicitors like ourselves. Through many years of acting on both sides of hearing loss and asbestos disease cases, our solicitors have the expertise to help you reach the most costs effective result. This may be through our solicitors helping you trace your liability insurers, who can then meet the costs of any hearing loss or asbestos disease claim.

Alternatively it might be by our solicitors settling the claim as economically as possible or sometimes defending the claim in full; persuading the claimant’s solicitors to drop the hearing loss or asbestos disease claim or occasionally even fighting it to court. Our team will certainly not encourage you to run up costs of fighting a hearing loss or asbestos disease claim, unless we consider the claim is defensible at an economic cost.

If your business is facing an uninsured hearing loss, asbestos, industrial disease or accident claim contact one of the team.