Post Termination Covenants

Post Termination Covenants

Many employers, and indeed many employees, wrongly believe that post termination restrictions do not work. Professionally designed, targeted and maintained restrictions on competition and on misuse of confidential information are an increasingly important part of protecting your business from competition.

We are experts in the design and development of appropriate and targeted restrictions on competition to include employment provisions in a contract of employment through and bespoke business protection agreements to counteract key threats to your business.

We will work with you to understand your business, its competitive environment and the key threats you face. We will work with you to devise the most appropriate combination of technical, management and legal measures to counteract those threats.

Legal restrictions are important but we appreciate that should always be a part of wider commercial approach to protecting your business.

Our team also has specialists in high court litigation able to take any necessary steps to enforce restrictions.

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