GP Partnership Agreements

GP Partnership Agreements

A well-drafted and up-to-date partnership agreement is essential for the effective and smooth running of a practice. These agreements should include provisions relating to profit shares, property ownership, retirement, and disputes.

​Once a partnership agreement has been agreed, it is essential to keep it up-to-date to ensure that it remains in force, to reflect both changes in the partnership, and changes in the law.

How we can help

  • GP partnership agreements (PMS, GMS & APMS)
  • LLP agreements
  • Fixed share and salaried partnership agreements
  • Partner admissions and departure advice (including retirement deeds and deeds of dissolution)
  • Partners’ performance and disciplinary issues
  • Expulsion and dissolution advice; and
  • Agreements for the transfer of property between the partners, ranging from transfers on retirement, death, admission of new partners or internal restructuring.

Team experience

  • Drafting a suite of contractual documentation for a sole practitioner’s 24 hour retirement
  • Drafting a deed of dissolution for a partnership where one of the partners retiring on ill health
  • Drafting a partnership agreement for sole practitioner taking on new partner before his retirement
  • Drafting a partnership agreement necessitated by admission of new GP joining sole practitioner
  • Advising on proposed merger of GP practices; and
  • Advising on 24 hour retirement.