Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

At Brachers, we are committed to delivering alternative dispute resolutions and helping provide families with the best chance of maintaining respectful relationships following a marital breakdown. 

As a team of dedicated collaborative lawyers we understand how complex separation can be and that divorce through the courts isn’t always the first choice. Sometimes an alternative route can provide the best path for you, your family and your future.

The collaborative law process is simple and straightforward. Almost all of the activity takes place around a table with you, your partner and your respective lawyers. This allows you to have full and open discussions about your options, whether on divorce, finances or children, whilst avoiding the feeling that either party is at a disadvantage. 
The process is based on both parties and both lawyers agreeing in writing not to go to court. This is confirmed in a formal agreement, which everyone signs at the first meeting. This agreement aims to prioritise the needs of your family and enable you to deal with each other fairly and respectfully as you search for the solutions that will work best for all.

We’re with you and your family all the way:

  • Putting you in control of your options. Whether that’s timescales, costs or your personal goals.
  • Protecting your relationships. Maintaining positive communication and guidance throughout your joint discussions.
  • Ensuring your family is the priority. We’re trained to keep the best interests of everybody at the heart of the collaborative process and will maintain this ethos throughout.
  • Giving advice based on 40+ years of experience and having grown in to one of the largest Family Law teams in the South East. We have the scale and capabilities to deliver the best for you and your family, every time.

Client Testimonials

"The team brings just the right mix of empathy and professionalism to their dealings with clients."

Chambers 2019

"There is a depth to the team that means they are always able to provide solutions."

Chambers 2019

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