Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a highly regarded alternative to the traditional court-based route of resolving family and relationship issues. Brachers' collaborative lawyers will give advice in a way that provides the best chance of finding better solutions for the family as a whole whilst maintaining better communication between the parties to assist families in moving forward.

The process involves the parties meeting together with a collaborative lawyer who will be trained in the collaborative approach.

The parties will sign up to an agreement by which they agree to prioritise the needs of any children and to deal with each other fairly and respectfully as they search for the solutions that will work best for the whole family.

Almost all of the collaborative process will take place around a table which encourages and enables couples to have proper and open discussions about their options, agreeing the way in which financial disclosure will be provided, whilst avoiding the feeling that either party is giving away their position.

Collaborative law is focused on the clients and the individual determining the shape of their futures and at the same time being aware of what the law might offer them.

We have experienced collaborative lawyers who have been specifically trained in the collaborative approach and will be capable of finding solutions that are fair and which work for the family as a whole through focused negotiation.