Our experienced family law team advises clients who may have experienced domestic violence and who may need emergency relief from the courts. We can advise you on obtaining an injunction either to keep a spouse, partner or relative at a distance or to give you rights of occupation in a property so that you or your children are not open to the threat of violence.

Financial Injunctions

If you are in the process of separating or a divorce, our family law team can also advise you on obtaining injunctive relief to prevent the dissipation or disposal of assets. This may involve asking the court to freeze assets or to set aside transactions, including sales, transfers to third parties, placement of funds or shares into trusts or the transfer of assets out of the jurisdiction.

Such applications are particularly relevant where the assets may be held or controlled by one party and there is concern that they are taking or have already taken action which is aimed at preventing or frustrating the court’s ability to make adequate or reasonable provision for the other party.

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