Amputation Injuries

Amputation Injuries

Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers can maximise recovery of compensation for your amputation injury, whilst seeking any rehabilitation treatment you need to help get your life on track. We offer a free no obligation assessment of your amputation injury claim and then a no win no fee agreement if you have a good claim for compensation for an amputation injury.

At Brachers we appreciate that the loss of a limb can be devastating and life changing, whether it is the loss of a leg, foot, a hand or fingers. 

We treat each amputation injury client sensitively and according to their individual needs. Whether the injury has arisen due to unsafe work machinery or a serious road traffic accident, you may well be entitled to compensation and we will seek to maximise this for you.

Our service is about more than just obtaining compensation. Seeking rehabilitation treatment, funded by the insurers, is an essential part of our role to ensure you maximise your potential for recovery.

We promise:

  • A free initial consultation to advise whether you have a good claim
  • If you do we will offer you a no win no fee agreement with full insurance backing
  • We will normally pay all legal expenses for you as the claim goes along
  • We will seek early interim payments and funding for treatment/rehabilitation

Get in touch today for an initial free consultation. You can contact us via email or call us on 01622 680430.