• Many retired people above state pension age may be unaware that they can make a claim for Attendance Allowance. Making a successful claim could result in extra income of up to £358 per month if you are eligible to receive it. 

    What is Attendance Allowance?

    Attendance Allowance is a benefit which must be claimed, and which is not paid automatically. The money is designed to help with daily living expenses and enable you to remain independent in your own home for longer, as you reach the later stages of life.

    The benefit can also help provide financial support with extra costs if you have a physical or mental disability or a severe illness which makes it difficult to look after yourself.

    Who can make a claim?

    There does not need to be a specific person caring for you to be eligible to make a claim. If you have a disability or illness and need help during the day or night (or both), you can make a claim. This might include help with personal care. For example, getting dressed, getting into or out of bed, bathing, or showering, or using the toilet.

    You can also make a claim if you find personal tasks difficult because they take you a long time to complete, they cause you pain or you need physical help to do them, such as using a walking frame or grab rails.

    Attendance Allowance is not just for people with physical disabilities. Claims can also be made if you need help or supervision during the day or night and have a mental health condition, learning difficulties or are deaf or visually impaired.

    How much could you be entitled to?

    A successful claim for Attendance Allowance could result in an income of either £60 or £89.60 a week depending on the level of care you may need. This is not means-tested, so it does not matter what other income or capital you have. Receipt of it will also not affect your state pension.

    If you are eligible to receive Attendance Allowance, this could also result in an increase in other benefits, such as pension credit, housing benefit or council tax reduction.

    Further support

    Many people are often hesitant about making claims for benefits and completion of the rather long Attendance Allowance application form can be daunting.

    If you want to find out more about Attendance Allowance or need help in applying, please contact Brachers Elderly and Vulnerable team. We offer an initial free phone consultation to understand your requirements, and will be only too happy to help.

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