• In this 40-minute virtual Q&A session, Wills specialist Alexandra Gordon and Court of Protection expert Michael Cressey provide the answers to commonly asked questions around Wills and Powers of Attorney.

    The speakers begin the session by explaining exactly what Wills and Powers of Attorney are. They then move on to answering questions pre-submitted by viewers from a community group.

    What does the session cover?

    Questions answered on Wills include:

    • Why you need a Will and how to start making one
    • What to consider when making a Will as a married couple
    • How to draw up a Will to include provision for children under 18
    • Issues that can occur when making online Wills without appropriate legal guidance
    • How leaving money in a Will within a trust fund works

    Questions answered on Powers of Attorney include:

    • The difference between Financial and Health and Welfare Powers of Attorney, and whether you need both at the same time
    • If you have an Enduring Power of Attorney, should you update to the new style
    • What happens if you have left money to relatives but then have to go in a care home
    • The timescale for preparing a Power of Attorney


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    View on-demand – how to watch

    Play the video below to see the full recording of the virtual Q&A session.

    You can switch on subtitles within the video player to follow as you watch. Or you can see the full transcript using the link below the video player.

    Q&A transcript

    Download the transcript for the Wills and LPA Q&A (PDF, 2.75MB)

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