Cohabitation - case report

Cohabitation - case report

The ex partner of a Kent property developer has won her case to retain the proceeds of an investment property.


Ms Cahill, a mother of three children has successfully argued that she is entitled to all of the proceeds of sale of a property which was held in her sole name but the deposit of £140,000 was provided by her now ex-partner, Mr Farrer.


The couple had been in a relationship for over a decade and were never married despite Ms Cahill’s concerns that being unmarried would leave her financially vulnerable should Mr Farrer die or leave her. Mr Farrer had even on one occasion staged a fake proposal in front of Ms Cahill’s family after the birth of their youngest child but told her he would never marry her. Ms Cahill looked after the children whilst Mr Farrer, a property developer, was the main breadwinner.


The judgment is awaited which will no doubt give further details about the Judge’s reasoning, but the Judge found that it was clear that the property was absolutely owned by Ms Cahill and Mr Farrer had no beneficial or other interest in the property. It is understood that Mr Farrer has been ordered to meet Ms Cahill’s costs of the proceedings.

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