Contractors and IR35 changes webinar

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Contractors and IR35 changes webinar

Do you understand the difference between employees, agency workers contractors, managed services companies, personal service companies, umbrella companies and IR35 arrangements? The rules and risks for the private sector are due to undergo a major change in 2020. 

This webinar, hosted by Colin Smith, provides an overview of new changes to IR35, and how they will affect the relationships between contractors, employers, and employees. This session clearly sketches out what constitutes each type of relationship and, as a result, how they must be treated under the new changes in legislation.

Ideal for HR Managers and those with HR responsibilities, the webinar covers topics including, but not limited to:

  • Definitions of ‘Employee’
  • Direct Contractors
  • Umbrella Companies
  • MSCs
  • IR35 ‘Relevant Engagement’
  • IR35 Changes
  • Employment vs. Self-Employment

For more information on Contractors and IR35 changes, or to talk through any difficult or complex situations you may need advice on, please contact our experienced Employment and HR Solicitors.

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