Divorce and Commercial Litigation – an uncertain mix

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Divorce and Commercial Litigation – an uncertain mix

The impending divorce of Mr Ruhan and Mrs Richardson-Ruhan not only reveals the complex nature of financial proceedings within divorce but more importantly raises the question of how matrimonial wealth is evaluated when a civil claim is ongoing against one party to the tune of £100m.


The parties have been married for 18 years and although Mr Ruhan’s divorce papers estimate his total assets at circa £8.3m, his estimated wealth is considered to be a somewhat higher sum of £200m. In light of the significant assets in the case where quantification is seemingly not an easy task experts such as accountants and pension actuaries will be required to assist in the valuations of the assets.


Currently, it is uncertain what measures the court will take to give certainty to the parties and avoid further delays, whilst at the same time not making premature decisions without knowledge of all the facts. We wait on in anticipation. If you have any questions regarding divorce and financial matters then please contact Mei-Ling McNab who would be pleased to discuss your issues.


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