Employee Wellbeing rising up the UK Agenda

Employee Wellbeing rising up the UK Agenda

Data has recently been collected on employee wellbeing programmes from 78 companies certified as Top Employers UK plus 1100 globally.


The data shows not only an increase overall in employee wellbeing initiatives in the UK over the last year but also an overall higher implementation of employee wellbeing initiatives in the UK compared to other global companies.


The results reveal that 82 percent of the UK companies are consistently implementing organisation wide wellbeing programmes. This compares to 68 percent for global Top Employers.


So what areas of wellbeing are being specifically targeted in the UK?


• 88 percent of companies have implemented stress management programmes, compared to 78 percent globally.

• 92 percent of companies provide flexible office workspace, compared to 68 percent globally.

• 86 percent of companies provide time management courses, compared to 77 percent globally.


However, there are areas where the UK is not as strong on wellbeing compared to other global companies. For example, the UK’s discouragement of overtime has not been as strong as other companies globally. Furthermore fewer UK companies provide in-house doctors in comparison to other companies globally.


It is clear that employee wellbeing is becoming a priority for employers and now is a good time to evaluate what your business is doing to promote wellbeing. This may mean collating a number of wellbeing practices which your business offers and implementing a full programme or strategy. For other businesses this may mean keeping your current programme under review and measuring its effectiveness against your aims.

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