Managing Child Safeguarding Allegations in Education


Managing Child Safeguarding Allegations in Education

This webinar, hosted by Louise Brenlund from Brachers and Lily Toppo from Kent HR explores best pratice and legal guidance for dealing with safeguarding allegations in the workplace. The  webinar covers the following areas.

  • Law and current guidance
  • Key Collaborations
  • Steps that should be taken
  • Confidentiality
  • Managing the situation and exit arrangements
  • Prevention rather than cure

Louise Brenlund from Brachers takes a look at what is the statutory guidance from the Department for Education on safeguarding, who does this guidance apply to and when does it apply? Louise also highlights the policies and procedures that schools and academies should have in place the the types of training that should be conducted to staff in relation to safeguarding. There is also an explanation of what actions should be taken when an allegation comes to light, should you consider  staff suspension and what are the alternatives.

Lily Toppo from KentHR looks into the role of others involved such as the designated officer and your role as an employer. Lily also explores a range of practical steps that you should take, considerations and the possible outcomes after the investigation.

Fore more information on the legal aspects of managing safeguarding in education contact Louise Brenlund or for practical guidance on the HR issues involved please contact Kent HR.


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