NHS continuing healthcare funding

NHS continuing healthcare funding

NHS continuing healthcare funding (CHC) is a package of care which is provided to people outside of hospital, who have significant ongoing healthcare needs. 

In March 2018 the Department of Health & Social Care published new rules to update the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS funded nursing care.  These new rules must be adopted by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) by October 2018.

Some key updates to the Framework are as follows:-

  1. Eligibility criteria must be applied to everyone equally, whether a person receives care in residential accommodation or at home.
  2. The definition “social care need” has been made clearer, in line with the Care Act 2014. This will make it easier to distinguish between a care need which is “social”, or "health” related, in order to judge whether a person’s care needs count as “primary health needs”.
  3. CHC reviews are to be improved, in that they will focus on whether the care package is still suitable and not on reviewing eligibility.  Eligibility will only be reviewed if the CCG can confirm that a person’s needs have changed significantly since the original assessment.
  4. It is now the responsibility of CCGs to meet assessed health and wellbeing needs in full, with very limited circumstances in which a person or his family  may now be required to pay a top up, i.e. for non-needs-based services, such as hairdressing.

The purpose of the new Framework is to clarify several areas of the CHC process, which will hopefully reduce problems previously experienced by people with ongoing healthcare needs and their families.

For further information on continuing healthcare funding or for assistance with the management of personal affairs, please contact Christine Bass.