One in five couples in ‘distressed’ relationships

One in five couples in ‘distressed’ relationships

A report carried out by the charity Relate has revealed troubling statistics about the state of relationships in the UK

The report reveals that:-


  • 18% of couples argue regularly
  • 9% at least occasionally consider divorce or separation •
  • 49% of couples quarrel at least occasionally with 6.8% quarrelling at severe levels
  • One in ten have at least occasionally regretted even getting married


The study found that many couples wait until it is too late to talk to each other about their problems by which time it is too late to save the marriage.


The main concern the study raises is the effect on the children. The study found that it was not just the impact of a relationship breakdown that affects children, it is the conflict during the relationship. The advice in the report is for couples to take time each day to talk about their day and take joint responsibility for their relationship. Children who see their parents make up after an argument are learning a useful lesson, but daily conflict is damaging.


If you are concerned about your relationship, Relate offer counselling and support services for families up and down the country. To find your nearest Relate go to

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