Personal Independence Payment: Appealing a decision

Personal Independence Payment – Appealing a Decision

Figures released in May 2019 confirm that only 8% of disallowed Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claims made during 2017/2018 were overturned following appeal. However, it has also been reported that over 70% of claimants who appeal against PIP decisions are successful.

It therefore appears that if those people who applied for PIP and whose initial claims were refused had appealed the decision and taken their claims to an oral hearing, there is every possibility they would have received an award.

Unfortunately, many people making a claim find the prospect of challenging a decision daunting, especially if they don’t have help. They often feel the system is against them and there is no point in putting up a fight, when in fact there would appear to be a great chance of success at a PIP appeal.

For more information on appealing a benefit decision or for assistance with the management of personal affairs, please contact Christine Bass in our Personal Affairs team. 

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