The ‘advantage’ of having a loyalty card when you die

The ‘advantage’ of having a loyalty card when you die

When a loved one passes away, very few of us give thought to loyalty card points when considering assets in an estate. 

Data from shows that in the UK up to £5.7bn is accumulated through such loyalty schemes every year equating to an average of £122 per person over an average of five schemes. This could mean loyalty-card points accumulated over the course of a person’s lifetime could be a valuable asset to an estate. 

Around 93% of us are unaware that loyalty points can be passed on after death and less than 5% of over 55s bequeath them under the terms of their wills. 

Not all providers allow you to bequeath loyalty-card points, with many terms and conditions stating that loyalty points do not belong to members, but the company.  

Below we talk about the terms and conditions of some of the UK’s most popular loyalty schemes. 

Boots Advantage  

Boots allows cardholders to hand over their points when they pass away. The firm says members need to get in touch to nominate a beneficiary during their lifetime which will enable points to transfer from a deceased to a named beneficiary so that they can take full advantage of the points accumulated during the deceased’s lifetime. 

Tesco Clubcard 

Tesco Clubcard’s terms and conditions enable members of the deceased’s family to inherit the points by notifying them in writing of the membership details of the deceased.   


Nectar’s policy states that customers can pass on points to loved ones when they die, without any restrictions, subject to certain procedures being followed to include providing a copy of the death certificate to Nectar.

Marks and Spencer Sparks 

Unlike Boots or Tesco, Sparks points do not have a monetary value; instead they give members access to exclusive sales events as well as discounts on both clothes and furniture. Marks and Spencer does not currently allow members to pass on points to beneficiaries. Although the firm says it is continuing to review the scheme and gives consideration to all customer feedback.