World Mental Health Day – Tuesday 10 October

World Mental Health Day – Tuesday 10 October

Michael Cressey discusses mental health and the importance of seeking help and advice.


Mental health can be a difficult subject for families and individuals to speak about, let alone speak with a stranger. Mental health can appear in all different forms; from a bereavement to an accident or simply the elderly. Michael Cressey, Paralegal in Private Client comments:


“During my professional career, I have come across a number of aspects of mental health including assisting people who have not yet been formally diagnosed to assisting families who have loved ones struggling with mental health”.


He adds:


“I have recently been instructed by a family member whose relative was struggling with a mental health condition and after meeting with the family and the individual, I was able to assist so the individual’s finances and personal welfare were being cared for on his behalf.”


It is important for documentation to be put in place, no matter how old you are, to give legal authority to others to deal with your wellbeing or finances on your behalf. If you wish to discuss putting in place powers of attorney further and discuss the options you have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Michael.

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