Jeremy Corbyn has released his ‘Working with Women’ manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn has released his ‘Working with Women’ manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn, now one of the front runners in the leadership race, has vowed to tackle ‘everyday sexism’ if he becomes Labour Party leader as he unveiled his women’s manifesto.


The document outlines investment in skills and training with emphasis on challenging outdated stereotypes. Further, he wishes to see all those in work given equal protection and proposes more stringent implementation of harassment laws, extending the current three month limitation period for sex/maternity discrimination claims, for all companies to publish equal pay audits (not just those with more than 250 employees as proposed by Government), universal childcare, abolishing fees in employment tribunals, giving all workers unfair dismissal rights from day 1 and strengthening trade union recognition and bargaining.


If voted in Mr Corbyn commits to a 50% woman shadow cabinet and to work towards 50% Labour MPs being woman.


An equality agenda is welcome but is this going too far?

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