“Making a Difference” - Dan & Mary

“Making a Difference” - Dan & Mary

The client


  • Dan, 91 and Mary, 83
  • Mary had been managing their finances for the past 60 years but her health had been deteriorating and Dan had recently been diagnosed with dementia.
  • The couple needed help with their property and their finances.




  • Brachers put in place property and affairs lasting powers of attorney for both Dan and Mary. The couple appointed two partners at Brachers to act as their attorneys.
  • We arranged automatic payment for all of the couple’s household bills.
  • Brachers organised and implemented a 24 hour care package for Mary in her declining health.
  • During Mary’s illness, Brachers made arrangements for alterations to the family home to be made, which allowed Mary to stay in her own home.
  • Sadly Mary passed away seven months after we took control of their affairs. Dan asked for help arranging Mary’s funeral and we continue to support Dan. He has a secure care package in place.




  • Alterations to the house allowed Mary to stay in the comfort of her own home during her illness.
  • Brachers have taken full care and responsibility of the couple’s property and finances which has given them financial security and peace of mind.




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