Tripping accident - shoulder fracture treatment & compensation

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Tripping accident - shoulder fracture treatment & compensation

The client’s claim

Our client, Mrs M had visited a fish and chip shop in Gillingham, Medway Kent. She was being shown around by the owner of the fish and chip shop with a view to being offered a job there. She followed the owner out to the front of the premises so that he could attend to a customer. She then stood on a step which turned out to be a broken tile, causing her to fall and suffer injuries. She suffered a blow to her head, a cut over her eye and a fracture of the greater tuberosity of her left humerus (her upper arm/shoulder). She underwent a course of physiotherapy treatment, but continued to have pain and restricted movement of her fractured left shoulder. She was therefore unable to take up the offer of employment and due to her injuries was out of work for over two years.

Our approach

Our experienced lawyer, Lyn Gibbons, promptly obtained photographic evidence of the accident location and then sent a letter of claim to the fish bar. She secured an admission of liability from their insurers within eight weeks. She identified the client’s need for medical treatment for her shoulder as a priority to help her recover and return to work. She persuaded the insurers to fund private medical consultations and surgery.

The outcome

With funding from the defendant’s insurers, our client had a MRI scan and underwent surgery involving an examination under anaesthetic of her left shoulder with arthroscopic release, synovectomy and decompression. She then had a further course of physiotherapy. Following surgery and further physiotherapy our client regained good mobility in her left shoulder and obtained further employment. However, she continued to have some pain with overhead activities and in cold weather and was unable to carry heavy weights in her left hand or lay on her left side in bed.

Brachers were able to secure Mrs M a five figure sum in compensation for her injuries and losses arising from this tripping accident. 

This shoulder injury tripping claim was dealt with by Lyn Gibbons an experienced senior litigation executive, specialising in tripping accidents and other injury compensation claims in Kent, Medway & beyond. Lyn can be contacted on 01622 680422 or at

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