Inquest team and expertise

Meet the inquest team and find out how we can help you.

Inquest team and expertise

We aim to support you and your staff through the coronial process by proactively identifying the likely issues and preparing them for questions at the hearing from the coroner and the family. We aim to assist the coroner in presenting the full facts and making legal submissions so that an appropriate conclusion is reached.


We can advise you on possible Prevent Future Death (PFD) reports that the coroner can make arising from the events and how to avoid them by reviewing the content of your serious incident report and root cause analysis and action points.


Our knowledge and experience of coroners and coronial practice in the South East will enhance your decision making in preparation for the challenges which will vary from area to area and the approach by particular coroners.


We will provide you with a post-inquest analysis of the risk management points and possible legal and professional consequences arising from the evidence.


What an inquest means


Coroner’s Courts are restricted by law in their scope from findings of fault but experience shows that it does not protect individual staff and organisational systems from being criticised and challenged in a public hearing. We recognise how stressful these hearings can be and the consequences can lead to serious repercussions for healthcare professionals and the organisations we represent.


How we can help


Before and during the inquest:


  • advice, support and representation


At the end of the inquest:


  • an analysis of the risk management and learning points;
  • advice on legal and professional consequences; and
  • flexible costs to suit your budgetary needs including fixed costs, staged costs estimates and risk based charges.

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