• If you have suffered from an occupational or industrial disease our expert lawyers can help you get the compensation and treatment you deserve through a no win, no fee supported claim.

    We are one of the leading firms in the South East specialising in obtaining compensation for victims of industrial disease in Kent, the Medway Towns, Essex, Sussex and Surrey. As well as asbestos industrial disease, like mesothelioma, we deal with occupational asthma/other respiratory diseases, Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)/Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), dermatitis and work place PTSD/psychiatric injury.

    We understand how debilitating your condition can be for both you and your loved ones. As industrial disease compensation claim specialists we are passionate and determined  to get the best result we can for our industrial disease clients as quickly as possible. We will be with you all the way through your occupational disease claim, explaining every part of the claims process in language you can understand.

    We are the only firm in Kent, Medway, Essex, Sussex or Surrey with an APIL Accredited Occupational Disease Specialist.

    Our industrial disease compensation claim service – centred around your needs

    As industrial disease compensation claims specialists we are passionate and determined to get the best result we can for our clients. We will be there with you all the way helping you through your compensation claim, sympathetically standing with you and fighting your corner. And we will explain every part of the claims process in language you can understand.

    We offer a full personal injury and disease compensation claim service centred around your needs:

    • a free initial consultation
    • no win, no fee agreements to avoid any financial risk to you
    • immediate home and hospital visits offered where needed
    • request early interim payments
    • seek funding for private medical treatment
    • assistance with industrial disease benefits applications
    • access to our private client team to advise you on personal injury trusts

    Occupational asthma/lung cancer and other respiratory disease

    Asbestos is not the only work related cause of respiratory disease/illness. Other substances at work can cause occupational asthma/respiratory diseases including hazardous chemicals in paint, resins, solder flux, solvents and other industrial solutions cotton dust, flour, silica in stone, the metal beryllium brick dust, coal dust, wood dust, other dust and even vegetable dusts. Such exposures can lead to an allergic reaction and occupational asthma/other respiratory diseases, including silicosis, berylliosis, rhinitis, sinusitis, byssinosis (brown lung), chronic obstructive airways disease and emphysema. There is also now an established connection between high exposure to diesel fumes and lung cancer.

    We also specialise in these respiratory disease claims, offering a free initial consultation. We work on a no win no fee and will pay your legal expenses up front for you.

    Workers most at risk from occupational asthma/other respiratory conditions include: welders, paint sprayers, carpenters and other construction workers, cable engineers recovering old copper cables, demolition workers, textile workers, bakers and flour confectioners, lorry drivers and transport depot employees.

    Where a chest physician confirms that a condition has been caused by such exposure there will often be a good compensation claim for occupational asthma/other respiratory diseases., particularly under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.


    We have a long successful track record with repetitive strain injuries (RSI) claims, working on a no win no fee. These are now commonly known as Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD). Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD) include Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), sometimes known as Vibration White Finger (VWF).They also include; tendonitis, tenosynovitis, golfers and tennis elbow (epicondylitis), De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, trigger finger, bursitis, sub-acromial shoulder impingement, diffuse RSI, gamekeeper’s thumb and Raynaud’s disease.

    These injuries can be caused by repetitive and often forceful movements of a particular part of the body. Often prolonged awkward or unnatural postures are involved. Basically the body is being used in a way that it was not naturally designed to.

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)/Vibration White Finger (VWF) results from prolonged use of vibrating tools such as pneumatic drills and there are guidelines as to recommended vibration exposure which employers should follow. Other RSIs/WRULDs can happen in a variety of jobs. The most common jobs causing HAVs or other RSIs are users of vibrating tools, operators of repetitive machinery, secretaries, other frequent keyboard users, accounts clerks, musicians, journalists and bank counter staff.

    Employers have duties to assess the risk from the work and then plan the work to prevent/reduce reasonable foreseeable risks of injury from HAVS or other RSIs. These claims can be more difficult to prove than most personal injury claims and as well as a medical expert may need the assistance of an engineer or ergonomist. You are therefore well advised to contact a specialist firm like us who have a successful track record with HAVS and other repetitive strain injury claims.

    Dermatitis/skin disease

    Some industrial chemicals tend to irritate the skin, leading to skin diseases, in particular dermatitis and eczema. Some individuals are more susceptible than others. Common chemical irritants which can cause dermatitis and eczema include the chemicals in latex, certain solvents and cleaning solutions. Those workers most at risk of developing skin disease, dermatitis and eczema include cleaners, healthcare workers, hairdressers, workers using or manufacturing rubber chemicals and soaps.

    Where a dermatologist confirms dermatitis or eczema has been caused or contributed to by exposure to chemicals at work fault is usually established to obtain compensation. We have experience in successfully dealing with industrial dermatitis/eczema compensation claims.

    Deafness/noise induced hearing loss

    Industrial deafness claims can be hard to prove and we now only rarely take these cases on. Exposure to excessive noise at work commonly leads to permanent noise induced hearing loss/deafness or tinnitus (“noise in the ears”). Workers involved in traditional heavy industries are particularly at risk if employers did not take adequate precautions to reduce the noise or provide adequate hearing loss protection. If it can be established that the noise at work level was above certain action levels there may be a good hearing loss claim for any resulting noise induced hearing loss/deafness and tinnitus. This may be established by expert engineering evidence. As a rough guide if you needed to use a loud voice to be heard within about four feet, then the noise at work levels may have been excessive.

    Generally employers have been under a duty to prevent noise induced hearing loss since the early 1960s. However, stricter standards have been required since 1990. You may have suffered noise induced hearing loss/deafness from noise at work many years earlier. This is not necessarily a bar to a hearing loss claim. However, it often creates problems. The three year time limit for bringing a hearing loss claim does not start until you should have known you had suffered hearing loss/deafness due to noise at work. However you are expected to seek medical advice once you are aware of your deafness and this is where many hearing loss claims fail. Deafness and tinnitus can also be partly or fully age-related. This is another point on which these claims may fail. However, an audiogram should confirm whether the deafness or tinnitus is partly or fully due to noise at work.

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