• Brachers have a dedicated and experienced team of personal injury compensation claims lawyers. We work on a no win, no fee basis for victims of personal injury throughout Kent, Medway, Essex and beyond. You can be confident that we are accredited by the Association of Personal Injuries Lawyers.

    We are experienced in handling a wide range of personal injury claims, especially amputation injuries, spinal injury compensation, workplace accident claims, serious road traffic accident claims, sports injuries, faulty product injuries, holiday accidents and slips and trip claims.

    Our service is about more than just obtaining compensation. Seeking rehabilitation treatment, funded by the insurers, is an essential part of our role to ensure you maximise your potential for recovery.

    We offer a full personal injury compensation claim service centred around your needs:

    • A free initial consultation to advise whether you have a good claim
    • If you do we will offer you a no win, no fee agreement with full insurance backing
    • We will normally pay all legal expenses for you as the claim goes along
    • We will seek early interim payments and funding for treatment/rehabilitation
    • Access to our private client team to advise you on personal injury trusts

    In more severe injury claims we will particularly look for interim payments to fund the following help where needed:

    • Specialist nursing care and occupational therapy
    • Mobility equipment
    • Adaptations to your home to maximise your independence
    • Buying or renting more suitable accommodation

    Get in touch today for an initial free consultation. You can contact us via email or call us on 01622 680430.

    Amputation injuries

    Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers can maximise recovery of compensation for your amputation injury, whilst seeking any rehabilitation treatment you need to help get your life on track. We offer a free no obligation assessment of your amputation injury claim and then a no win, no fee agreement if you have a good claim for compensation for an amputation injury.

    At Brachers we appreciate that the loss of a limb can be devastating and life changing, whether it is the loss of a leg, foot, a hand or fingers. We treat each amputation injury client sensitively and according to their individual needs. Whether the injury has arisen due to unsafe work machinery or a serious road traffic accident, you may well be entitled to compensation and we will seek to maximise this for you.

    Spinal injuries compensation

    A severe spinal injury can have profound and life-long effects on an individual and those close to them. Doing things, once taken for granted, can take a huge amount of effort and help may be needed with everyday tasks. Our experienced team of specialist lawyers understands the practical and emotional impact of spinal injuries and, if someone else is to blame for causing your injury, can help you claim compensation.

    Our initial goal is to secure your rehabilitation to help restore your quality of life, whilst at the same time pursuing whoever is responsible for the compensation that you deserve for your spinal injuries.

    Work accident compensation

    Our dedicated team of lawyers have a long and successful track record in obtaining fair compensation for people injured in work accidents throughout Kent, Medway, Essex and beyond, acting on a no win no fee.

    We have successfully settled many types of work accident compensation claims, including manual handling incidents, defective work equipment, unsafe working environment and injury caused by negligence or even violence of work colleagues, work-related PTSD/depression, trips and slips at work and industrial and occupational diseases (especially asbestos and RSI/WRULD/HAVS).

    Serious road traffic accident claims

    Our Personal Injury team is highly experienced in handling more serious road traffic accident claims from fractured limbs to fatal road traffic accident claims, catastrophic head and spinal injuries and serious psychiatric injuries, whether as driver, passenger, pedestrian, motorcyclist or cyclist. We no longer take ordinary whiplash claims.

    Sports injuries

    Brachers has a long successful track record in obtaining compensation for sports injury claims. These can arise perhaps as a result of a reckless tackle that goes beyond the normal accepted risks of the game, the negligence of a coach or from unsafe sports premises or unsafe equipment causing injury to a participant or a spectator.

    A sports injury may occur in school PE lessons or as part of a training activity for work. Whilst liability is not always easy to establish  a duty of care is owed and sometimes sports injury compensation may be obtained.

    Faulty product injuries

    Brachers has many years of experience obtaining compensation for clients from faulty product injury claims. Our experience with faulty product injury claims includes defective medical implants and defective shopping trolleys, collapsing faulty ladders and dangerously sharp toys.

    Holiday accidents

    We have a dedicated team of lawyers experienced in handling holiday accident claims and our lawyers have a long successful track record in obtaining injury compensation. If your holiday was supplied as a “package” holiday then the Package Travel Regulations 1992 provide you with the legal rights against the tour operator.

    Slip and trip claims

    When it comes to slip and trip claims we have an excellent reputation and have obtained compensation for many clients. Whether you trip in the street over a raised paving slab, fall in a hole on public or private property, or slip on a wet supermarket floor, you may be entitled to compensation through a slip and trip claim if you have suffered injury. We can no longer assist with more minor soft tissue injury claims. However, we can still help with more serious slip and trip claims, including fractures, head injuries and spinal injuries.

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