• At Brachers we are very experienced in obtaining compensation and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) claims and other psychiatric injury claims. Post-traumatic stress disorder claims can easily be ignored. It is well-known that compensation may be obtained for physical injuries resulting from an accident. However post-traumatic stress disorder claims and claims for other psychiatric injury can all too often be overlooked by solicitors and medical experts.

    PTSD/psychiatric injury may arise from being part of/witnessing a road traffic or work accident, due to work stress or as a consequence of a physical injury/disease caused by another’s negligence.

    Compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder/psychiatric injury can often be obtained in these situations. If you believe you or a loved one has suffered post-traumatic stress disorder or some other psychiatric injury due to another’s fault please contact us for free advice.

    Our experienced team of lawyers will always deal with you in a sensitive and supportive manner. If our lawyers believe your post-traumatic stress disorder/psychiatric injury claim has good prospects we will offer you a no win-no fee agreement and pay any legal expense up front for you.

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  • Mark’s conduct and professionalism is impeccable. He empowered me to make the right guided decision within my case.

    Sean Lewis, client
  • I was well informed throughout, his advice was excellent.

    M J Neeve (client)