• By booking an appointment online with Brachers, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

    1. Who will be dealing with the matter?

    Where you have booked an appointment with a named solicitor, it is intended that that person will provide the advice. This is subject to our rights under section 4 below.

    2. Who is our client?

    We will assume the person making the booking is the person intended to be our client.

    If you are seeking to make a booking online on behalf of someone else please explain this in the comments box when booking. You will need to include their name and contact details.

    3. Conflict of interest checks

    After we have received your booking, we will check to make sure there are no conflicts of interest with other parties involved in your case.

    Should we identify any reason why it is not appropriate for us to act for you we will notify you by telephone or by email as soon as we can and, where we reasonably can, we will recommend other advisers you can consider.

    4. Cancellation/refusal of appointment/change of adviser

    We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking at any time, although we would normally only do so in exceptional circumstances.

    We may, for business operational reasons, need to change your chosen/appointed adviser. Where this becomes necessary, we will inform you of the proposed change and you can then choose whether you wish to proceed or cancel your appointment.

    5. Amending your appointment time

    You can amend your appointment online up to the deadline stated in your confirmation email. If you would prefer to speak to us about rearranging your appointment, you can call 01622 690691 and ask for the relevant team.

    If you need to amend your appointment time after the deadline for making changes online, please call us.

    For chargeable appointments, there may be a cancellation fee if you cancel your appointment at late notice. Please see the terms and conditions for the type of appointment you have booked, below.

    6. Identity verification and anti-money laundering checks

    We are legally required to carry out identification checks on all clients. We will therefore need you to provide us with specific identification documents and your current home address before we can proceed with any chargeable consultation/meeting with you.

    Details of how to do this will be provided within your booking confirmation email where relevant.

    7. Fixed fee

    For chargeable appointments, you are agreeing to a fixed-fee piece of work charged at the price shown on the booking page.

    Please note our charges are subject to VAT, charged at 20%. For example, a £100 fixed fee results in a cost to you of £120 including VAT.

    8. Timetable for the work

    We will meet with you at the time agreed between us.

    9. Chargeable appointments

    If you are booking an appointment that we charge for, please read the additional terms and conditions below which apply to the type of appointment you’re booking.


  • 14. General Terms and Conditions

    The work we undertake for you and your relationship with us as a client are further governed by our general Terms and Conditions.