GP Federations

GP Federations

The NHS is faced with a growing number of challenges such as an aging population, a high number of GPs approaching retirement age and fewer numbers of newly qualified doctors electing for general practice as well as increasing pressures on NHS financial resources.

One way to cope with these pressures is for GPs to form federations ranging from loose associations to complex corporate structures all of which have the common aim of enhancing the delivery of Primary Care. Our Primary Care team are instructed by groups in Kent and South East London. 

How we can help:

  • Presentations to practices on the advantages of federated working.
  • Liaising with practice managers in assessing initial interest.
  • Guidance as to the closeness of co-operation between lawyers forming the federation.
  • Explanation of the types of model available.
  • Preparation of all documents required to establish the federation.

We work closely with accountants surveyors and primary care consultants specialising in providing support to GP Federations.