• What is a dispute resolution solicitor?

    Our dispute resolution solicitors seek to resolve disputes using the most practical and cost-effective methods.

    We have a long experience of advising and representing individuals in all manner of disputes such as:

    What do dispute solicitors do?

    Our objective is always to place your needs first as we formulate the strategy best suited to your requirements.

    If a dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation we try to use alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, adjudication and mediation. If the matter cannot be resolved in this way then we resort to the courts and tribunals. We will help manage each risk for our clients and work towards finding commercial solutions to achieve the right result.

    How can dispute resolution solicitors help you?

    The team works in collaboration with our property lawyers, and other in house specialists including our insolvencyplanningenvironment and construction teams, ensuring a comprehensive specialist service.

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  • Expertise

Key Contacts - Dispute Resolution Solicitors:

Meet the Team:

  • The empathy and reassurance provided during proceedings was of a highly personal nature.

    Chambers High Net Worth Guide
  • They have a very friendly and personal style. They are always professional, helpful and available.

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