• Why does my business need a Wellbeing Strategy?

    Employee wellbeing is an increasingly relevant and necessary consideration in the modern workplace. It is a major factor in the performance and productivity of staff and inevitably business effectiveness and profit.

    Whilst wellbeing and stress management are within the overall ‘duty of care’ that an employer owes to its employees, it extends far beyond this. Where the wellbeing of employees is not supported and becomes undermined, business performance can suffer from:

    • reduced productivity
    • increased mistakes and errors
    • conflict (with subordinates, colleagues and management)
    • grievance and disciplinary incidents
    • sickness and absenteeism
    • low morale and negative atmosphere
    • poor customer service and quality
    • resignations and job terminations (causing increased staff turnover)
    • poor employer reputation among staff, customers and potential new recruits

    Research estimates that 9.9 million working days were lost to stress, depression and anxiety in 2014/15. Each new case of stress leads to an average of 23 days off work and mental-health related absences cost the country about £3.7 billion every year.

    With this in mind, all businesses should have a wellbeing strategy in place and treat the health and wellness of their employees as a priority; it’s good for the individual and it’s good for business.

    How can we help?

    We provide legal and HR services that support employers looking to improve their wellbeing strategy and those wanting to create and implement one for the first time.

    The first step to introducing a wellbeing strategy is to conduct a Workplace Wellbeing Review.

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