• What is Brachers Trust Corporation?

    BTC acts as a professional trustee, executor, deputy or attorney as required.BTC acts as a trustee for family trusts, providing an independent perspective that may be required in the circumstances especially if there are different family members involved with potentially conflicts of interest.

    BTC can also be appointed as a professional executor to act either alongside co-executors such as family members or friends, or to act alone and make all decisions throughout the probate process. Many people may feel much more comfortable having an independent professional trustee acting alongside their family to provide neutrality and assistance.

    BTC is also a good option if individuals do not want to appoint family members to avoid giving them this responsibility, or if an individual does not have anyone who they feel could perform the role in an effective and practical manner.

    BTC can also be appointed to deal with the affairs of those who lack capacity, for example as an attorney for a Lasting Power of Attorney or as a deputy in the Court of Protection. This can provide great long-term assistance and support for those who are unable to manage their affairs themselves, and a great comfort for their family who know that their loved ones affairs are being properly dealt with and managed.

    How does it work when BTC are appointed?

    When BTC are appointed, one or two directors of BTC are assigned to a case to ensure continuity. BTC will instruct Brachers LLP to undertake legal work for it and Brachers LLP will charge for the work it undertakes.

    How are decisions made by BTC?

    When making decisions in any capacity BTC follow an internal process to ensure that the binding decisions they make are logical, efficient and appropriate considering all of the surrounding circumstances.

    All decisions will be made by the directors of BTC and BTC then instructs Brachers LLP (who acts as its legal advisor) to be engaged to provide legal services to BTC and its co-trustees/executors/attorneys.

    A specialist lawyer at Brachers LLP will act for BTC, providing personal contact throughout.

    All BTC decisions are however considered by a director of BTC and for more significant or larger decisions two directors will be needed.

    Where someone would like BTC to make a particular decision, on a particular matter, they should either:

    • get in touch with the key contact at Brachers LLP so that they can take  instructions from an appropriate director of BTC; or
    • get in touch directly with the principal director assigned to the matter to discuss matters appropriately.

    Please note that contacts at Brachers LLP will not be able to make binding decisions for BTC as these can only be made by the directors of BTC.

    Why appoint BTC?

    It is important to feel comfortable and confident in the professional trustees that you appoint to deal with affairs on your behalf or on behalf of a loved one. Choosing BTC provides:

    • independence and expertise when making important decisions
    • continuity so no issues arise from the absence, death or retirement
      of an individual trustee, executor or attorney/deputy
    • experience of a team who already manage 300 other trusts at Brachers
      and are appointed as attorneys/trustees for a large number of clients
    • the expertise of our Brachers Private Client Team ensures in depth knowledge in administering estates and managing the affairs of those who have lost capacity

    There are no additional charges for BTC acting compared with an individual partner in this firm. Brachers LLP fees will be paid in the normal way from the trust fund, estate or client reserves.

    Find out more

    For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact a member of the Brachers Trust Corporate team below or email hello@brachers.co.uk.

    Download a copy of our Brachers Trust Corporation factsheet for more information (PDF).

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