• London-based Polymateria’s innovative new technology triggers the process of Biotransformation, which breaks down the most littered forms of plastic such as polyethylene and polypropylene in real-world conditions to return to nature, leaving behind zero microplastics with no environmental harm in the process.

    The investment will accelerate the rollout of this technology in countries around the world in partnership with foreign governments. It will allow manufacturers to make fully biodegradable packaging products from bottles to wrappers, reducing plastic pollution.

    Polymateria has recently achieved a major global first on biodegradability. New third-party laboratory data confirms that Polymateria’s technology developed in partnership with Imperial College can biodegrade the most-littered forms of packaging, achieving 100% biodegradation on a rigid plastic container in 336 days and film material in 226 days.

    Additionally, the technology has also been proven at independent labs to have no impact on relevant recycling streams at scale. In order to enable this Biotransformation can be time-controlled, according to a product’s shelf-life, and given a ‘recycle by’ date to promote recycling to consumers. It can therefore be used by manufacturers to make totally recyclable and biodegradable products such as cups, bottles, fruit packaging, dairy pots and hot food containers.

    Polymateria has recently welcomed a number of new high-profile board members, including Marc Bolland, former Marks & Spencer CEO, who join as Chairman, alongside industry heavyweights Frédéric de Mévius of PFP and Simon Susman who join as board members.

    PFP is a European purpose-driven investment platform. The group of growth investors bring together their shared vision and values, with experience as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, long-term investors and operational advisors.

    In the recent deal, the Brachers team was led by Commercial Partner Erol Huseyin, with support from Partners Claire Williams (Corporate) and Alex Cosgrove (Commercial), associate Sarah Hewitt, and solicitor Raul Hernandez. Brachers also worked in collaboration with patent attorneys Sweetinburgh & Windsor. Teacher Stern’s David Ponsford and Jennifer Hawkes acted for Polymateria.

    Erol said: “With environmental concerns at the forefront of global discussions, we are excited to be able to support this investment in Polymateria. PFP has made its mission to support the planet through investments in visionary entrepreneurs who build on market insights, science and technology. We want to congratulate the team on their new investment.”

    PFP Managing Partner, Frédéric de Mévius, who also sits on the Polymateria board, said: “Our vision is to foster a healthier life on a healthier planet, today and for future generations, through investments generating market leading financial performance and large-scale impact.”

    “We have evaluated many technologies in this space and recognise that Polymateria is completely unique, underpinned by third-party testing and data and, by design, with great potential to scale-up quickly without significant capital cost to industry. We are excited to work with the start-up and we thank Brachers for its expert guidance and significant work on this transaction. The Brachers team demonstrated their expertise in the environmental and waste sector and a true commitment to achieving a successful outcome.”

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