• With pupil numbers rising and an increasing proportion of teachers leaving the profession, the report found that one in five felt tense about their job most or all of the time, compared with 13% of those in similar occupations.

    Teacher recruitment and retention strategy

    The NFER report comes shortly after the government published the Teacher Recruitment and Retention strategy which sets out four key strategy priorities as set out below:

    • Creating the right climate for head teachers and other school leaders to establish supportive school cultures
    • Transforming support for early careers teachers by launching the Early Career Framework  and introducing phased bursaries with staggered retention payments
    • Build on the foundation of the Early Career Framework to support teachers – whatever their expertise or circumstances – to pursue the right career opportunities for them
    • Radically simplify the process for becoming a teacher, introducing new digital systems designed to make application much easier and more user-friendly

    Tips for improving staff wellbeing in schools

    It is hoped that the recent government strategy will address the growing shortage of teachers but in the meantime, staff wellbeing has also never been more important.

    If teachers are feeling good about themselves, they are able to improve the wellbeing of the children they are working with and they can flourish to meet their full potential which is good for both them and the school.

    Poor wellbeing can lead to increased sick leave, lower-quality work and even teacher departures. Wellbeing is affected by a wide range of issues some of which are outside the workplace, but there are plenty of ways schools can support their staff and some of these are listed below:

    • Regularly ask staff how they are doing
    • Provide refreshments for staff
    • Ensure there is a staffroom to relax in, and take a lunch break
    • Provide fitness or yoga classes for staff once a week
    • Communicate well: Publish dates of key events/report/parents evenings, etc at the beginning of the academic year
    • Manage communication so it is clear but not too much. Send out communications at reasonable times
    • Thank staff for their work
    • Create a culture where it is okay to say “I am finding this hard or I am really stressed by this”
    • Set up a mentor system where staff are buddied up and supporting each other
    • Where possible accommodate staff requests for leave.

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