Father Christmas has a Lasting Power of Attorney - why shouldn't you?

Father Christmas has an LPA - why shouldn’t you?

It’s Christmas Eve and Father Christmas is busy loading up his sleigh with all the presents ready to deliver to us all with the help of his trusted elves and reindeer. 

During the delivery of his presents, Father Christmas slipped after a sherry and mince pie too many and got stuck down a chimney. Luckily, the elves were on hand and phoned Mrs Claus who breathed a sigh of relief because they had completed their Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) as their New Year Resolution at the beginning of the year. 

Being prepared for the unlikely event of being stuck in the chimney was a great present to Mrs Claus as she used the LPA to obtain some money from Father Christmas’s bank account to hire another sleigh, fly out to the chimney where Father Christmas was stuck, pick up the presents and safely deliver them to everyone in time for Christmas.  

In a busy time of year, it is important for everyone including Father Christmas to think about putting in place a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) so do not do what Father Christmas did and get stuck, take the time this Christmas to read about LPAs here and speak to your loved ones, family and friends this Christmas to make an LPA for your future.