Learning from Deaths - are you ready for LfD?

Learning from Deaths - are you ready for LfD?

The “Learning from Deaths” (LfD) framework should now be well advanced.


In September 2017 Trusts should have in place a new updated LfD policy including case record reviews.


By December 2017 Trusts are expected to start publishing quarterly data about death including numbers of case reviews, how many deaths were more likely than not due to problems with care and how any findings from the reviews have been used to improve quality.


NHS Improvement has published a useful template for Trusts to follow but every Trust in the UK will need to establish roles and responsibilities, how the Trust will select deaths for case records reviews and the methodology they will use. The template includes a section on how Trusts will support and involve bereaved families and carers and how the Trust will use the results of its reviews to improve patient safety and quality of care.

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