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Setting up a Trust

If you need someone to manage money for you, for example to pay for your care in later life or to use it to help someone after your death, you may wish to consider setting up a trust.

You may set up a trust to support someone who is unable to manage their money, such as a dependent with learning difficulties or a mental health condition and you are concerned how they will manage financially when you are not around.

A trust can also be set up to make sure that your own money is used to look after you when you are unable to look after yourself.

Our trust specialists can advise you on all aspects of creating a trust and manage the trust in accordance with your wishes.

In addition Brachers Trust Corporation can be appointed as a professional trustee at no extra charge.

Fact Sheets

Brachers Trust Corporation

Brachers Trust Corporation Limited is an efficient and cost effective way of having a professional trustee of your family trusts. Our fact sheet explains more... Read more

Trust Management Services

The managing of trusts can often be complex and time consuming. Our specialist trusts team can advise you on all aspects of setting up trusts and administer them on your behalf. Read more


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